Hinckley Club Time Trial (11/04/17)

This week I took a visit up to my local time trial course in Hinckley, the K41/10. It was great to catch up with some of the riders as well as seeing some new faces along the course. I absolutely love this course due to its hilly nature, which poses a real challenge for the riders (and myself).

Conditions on the course were relatively good with a cross tail wind on the way out, which gave the riders a little help on the first leg. This resulted in some fantastic times with a fair few members achieving sub 24 minute rides. Simon Law clinched a fantastic time of 22:31, the fastest on the day! (But, of course, I'm biased)

It was my first visit to the K41/10 this season so I decided to spend some time at the HQ, capturing some candid shots of the riders setting and warming up. I then took up my usual position at the finish line but tried to capture photos from different angles by getting lower to the ground and experimenting with wide angle lens.

Next week, I'm hoping to spend some more time at the HQ to photograph the warm up and possibly capture some portraits!

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